Randolph Creek Hunts


This is Randolph Creek Hunts as seen on the Pursuit Channel. We are thankful that a few of our kids had their hunts aired on the show Generation X. Check out a piece of video from one of these hunts below. We think you will like it!

Randolph Creek Hunts was founded in the fall of 2002. Since this time the sole objective of Randolph Creek Hunts has been to provide a quality outdoor experience for disabled minors ages 10 to 17.

There is abundant wildlife roaming the 1000+ acres of prime Southeastern Oklahoma hunting real estate located in Atoka County. To date, our hunts have focused on creating the best situation to allow our hunters to harvest free roaming turkey and whitetail deer. We hope you will take a few minutes to look through our website to see how and why we want to offer these great kids the opportunity to create memories for a lifetime.

If you know anyone interested in joining us for a hunting adventure, please take our web address and PASS IT ON!